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I did my undergraduate in government and philosophy at University of Texas and my Masters in Business at Daniels College of Business at University of Denver with an entrepreneurship specialization. More recently I did half of a JD and realized that legal practice wasn't in my future. My liberal arts education has served primarily as a backdrop for my technical endeavors.

My start in photography and digital image theory dates back to Photoshop 2.0, chemical 35mm cameras, and slide-scanners. I worked as a professional 3D graphic design artist before that background developed into full-motion video production and editing.

While working for Apple, Inc., in its network and server group, I was chosen for the Final Cut Pro rollout team.

I worked for Public Strategies, Inc. where I gained introduction into the realm of political media.

Drawn into politics full-force with the 2008 presidential election, I worked in live video production for McCain 2008 and technical post-production for the McCain 2008, Chris Christie 2009, and Scott Brown 2010 campaigns.