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After working around Washington DC and Virginia at state and national levels, I'm returning to Texas and intend to continue working in digital media, design, print, and video postproduction. I bring mastery of a rich set of hard skills and campaign experience to deliver the message.

Experience Snapshot

• Political Campaigns 3 yrs in national, state, and local races; media coaching; and EDO / GOTV.

• Video Production 8 yrs using professional tools, managing deadlines and client expectations.

• Graphic Design, Layout, Web Development 7 yrs with hands-on-keys using industry tools.

• Database Design 5 yrs of project management and direct database development.

• Chinese Relations 3 yrs of real-world cultural awareness and familiarity in a professional capacity.

• Strategic Planning 6 yrs making long-reaching decisions requiring rich subject expertise.

• Startup Companies 5 yrs in entrepreneurial environments with constantly changing roles.

• Network Consulting 1.5 yrs troubleshooting complex systems and orienting stakeholders.

• Systems Administration 7 yrs designing and managing systems to ensure high-availability.

• Technical Training 5 yrs of group communication and making complex systems accessible.

• Team Management 4 yrs overseeing technical teams in production environments.


• Apr 2013 Diplomatic Liaison Officer Training, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, P.R. China.

• Jun 2006 First Year Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, TX.

• Aug 2003 M.B.A., Entrepreneurship from Daniels College of Business, Denver, CO.

• Aug 1997 B.A., Government, Philosophy minor; University of Texas at Austin, TX.

Employment History

Oct 2010 - Present Marketing for the State of Virginia, Department of Business Assistance and served as Information Security Officer, Technology Officer, and Telecom. Coordinator

- created the “VirginiaDBA” brand, and promoted Small Business interests internationally
- served Officially as Economic Liaison Officer for Virginia to Fujian Province, China.
- joined trade missions to China with the Governor’s office and its Chinese counterparts.
- hosted numerous Chinese diplomatic and trade delegations to Virginia.
- created culturally-tuned Chinese marketing collateral and trade promotion videos.
- supported the first wholesale commercial wine shipment to China market from Virginia.
- facilitated localization of products for Chinese market and including Asian language labels.

- leadership role in technical efforts and liaison between developers and leadership
- rebuilding a Delphi-based agency back-office project management database to modern web-standards.
- rebuilding of Virginia’s Business One Stop registration database to transition away from Adobe Flash.
- accommodation of the State Corporation Commission’s eFile system and integration into BOS workflow.
- served as technical lead / subject matter expert during merger between VirginiaDBA and another agency.
- multiple other web and mobile workflow process improvement projects.

Oct 08 - Present Digital Media Production Political Campaigns and Independent Projects

-filled multiple roles for national-stage campaigns: Christ Christie ‘09, Scott Brown ‘10, Mitt Romney 2012, et al.
- designed Election Day Operations (EDO) video production for 100’s of remote operators and ≈30min turnaround.
- provided technical media expertise and coordinated new media messaging efforts with campaign management.
- created and produced same-day turnaround, reactive campaign video packages for broadcast and internet.
- constructed numerous custom and print collateral pieces to support digital media many including Asian-language.
- assisted in Election Day Operation war room setup and activities to coordinate resource distribution real-time.

Aug 08 - Nov 08 Broadcast and Online Video Production for McCain-Palin 2008, Arlington, VA

- Half of a two-man team operating six-person in-house studio at national campaign headquarters
- controlled satellite broadcast via switched fiber and coordinated with remote stations for ‘satellite tours’.
- managed talent, set up interruptible foldback (IFB) and improvised workarounds for live broadcast.
- coordinated segments with Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC national control rooms and made local adjustments.
- troubleshot numerous issues including shattered fiber lines, tuning satellite receivers at remote stations.

- One of two offline video postproduction editors for output to broadcast, DVD, embedded video.
- designed and set up gigabit subnet for editing workstations to link with 20tB video asset server.
- worked with coalition directors and political approval and legal departments to produce packages.
- smoothed audio, removed gaffs, subframe audio edits, and other high-polish changes to raw video.

Mar 07 - Sep 07 Business Consultant for Murphy Bonded Warehouse, Shreveport, LA

- Restored a 6% profit with a  P/E ratio over 1.2., up from a 1-2% loss.
- evaluated financials of transportation division and presented recommendations to management.
- increased backhaul from 20% to 72% by integrating broker services into load scheduling.
- restored operational profitability with low margin, high revenue logistics environment.
- increased operational efficiency, developed business, and insurance load.
- recommended corporate structure and insurance coverage changes.

Jun 03 – Mar 05 Managing Partner “Objective Factor”, Denver, CO and Houston, TX

Mar 01 – Aug 01 Network Consultant for Yellowstone Communications, Inc., Livingston, MT

Jun 00 – Feb 01 Media Director for 23 Skidoo, Inc. Austin, TX

Sep 99 – Jun 00 Systems Administrator for Public Strategies

Inc. Austin, TX

Aug 98 – Sep 99 Servers / Network and Imaging Support for Apple, Inc. Austin, TX

Jan 97 – Apr 98 Systems Administrator for UT Office of Public Affairs, Austin, TX

Hard Skills & Expertise

• Video Post-Production: Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, QuickTime, Motion-Match, Color Balance, Telecine, Codec / Format / SD, HD/2K, 4K Conversions, Compression.

• 2D Design: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign).

• 3D Modeling / Animation: Carerra Studio, Bryce.

• Web Development: HTML5, HTML4, CSS 3, H.264, Dreamweaver.

• Network Design: TCP/IP, 802.11x, NAT / Port Mapping, DNS Tree, OSI Model, Firewalls.

• Server Products: OS X Server, Media Streaming, POP/SMTP/IMAP/FTP/SSH/VNC, et al.

• Basic Productivity: Mac OS X, Windows 7, MS Office (Outlook, Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), iWork (Pages, Keynote), Omni Suite (Outliner, Graffle, Plan), MySQL Server / SQL, FileMaker Pro.

General Skills

• Natural ‘Problem Solver’ and a quick study of new systems, task, or challenge.

• Straightforward Communicator; strong liaison between engineers, executives, geeks, and non-technical.

• Creating Unusual Solutions with existing information tools; making-it-work in critical situations.

• Comfortable with Travel as part of a position and adapting technology to the location.

  business quantitative

• Financial Assessment including correlation across periodic financial statements.

• Ratio Analysis of corporate financial statements to identify trends and long-term changes.

• Identifying Trends and using a wide range of tools, often with unstructured data.

• Future Pro-Forma Projections from existing financial data for situational modeling.

• Generally Acceptable Accounting Principals (GAAP) and managerial accounting fluency.

• Statistical Business Analysis (sampling and confidence intervals) and marketing applications.

• Budgeting and Strategic Planning for Projects, polling experts and achieving consensus.

• Application of Excel for Data Analysis and Financial Forecasting; pivot tables, goal seek, linking.

  business communication

• Clear and Precise Audience-Targeted Writing including technical writing.

• Strong Presentation Abilities; PowerPoint savvy, but prefer Keynote & Prezi.

• Creation of and Working Within Cross-Functional Teams, both experience and specific training.

• Presentation Authoring: organization of data through tasteful use of color, and design.

• Process Analysis, Redesign and Change-Control Management including total impact estimation.

• Plain-Language Explanations of complex technical systems through analogy and examples.

• Human Resource and Personnel Management Techniques and appreciation of legal liability.

• Public Relations Sensibility and appreciation for the public institutional image; spin control.

• Strong Legal Background and experience with content licensing, IP use, and brand treatment.

Notable Interests


• Avid Still Photographer with 20+ years of experience.

• Intellectual Property Law and public policy (DRM software schemes and copyright / patents).

• Private Aviation and Space Technology, particularly helicopters and commercial spaceflight.

• Racquetball, Tennis, Snow Skiing, Parafoil, Dual and Quad-Line Stunt Kites.

• Founded University Skeptical Society at University of Texas at Austin.

• Memberships: Texas Exes Association, Intertel, Sons of the Republic of Texas.


• Computing Technology and related innovations (processors, nanotechnology, AI, mass storage).

• Telecommunications Advances (satellite, bandwidth density, fiber optics).

• Component Miniaturization and materials technology (microturbines, microprocessors).

• Cryptography, Firewalls, and Network Security (quantum key distribution, IPv6, authentication).

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